Two cash awards are available to tipsters whose tips led to arrests.

If a reward is waiting for you, please retrieve it. Thank you for your help.


Tips are needed on a March 5 robbery of a Manila business on Hwy 18.  Numerous fire arms and pieces of equipment were stolen. A reward will be offered for a tip leading to arrest.


Crime Stoppers now covers Mississippi County

  • CALL Crime Stoppers at 844-910-STOP

  • Go to GOOGLE PLAY or APPLE STORE. Find P3Tips. Download the free app. 

  • Submit a tip here--upper right!

Crime Stoppers encourages citizens to assist local police and the county sheriff in the fight against crime. Through Crime Stoppers, community members can send police vital information about any crime by way of telephone, this website or an app.  Tips are always completely anonymous--tipsters do not  provide their names or any other contact information. Instead, they are given code numbers to use while the tip is active.  If a tip leads to an arrest, the tipster becomes eligible for a cash reward--again, given anonymously.